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The Five Steps to Take After an Accident

Step 1:  Take stock of your condition and the condition of your passengers.  If it’s an emergency, step one is obviously “Call 911”.  Step 2:  If possible, move your vehicle to the shoulder or place of relative safety.  This is especially important in the winter months, where many accidents occur due to icy conditions.  If […]

Bad Coverage = Bad Rates! (And that’s WITHOUT an accident!)

When somebody asks for an insurance review or a quote, one of the most important pieces of information to gather is the driver’s license number.  This is because the license will usually allow the quoting system to look up and corroborate the prospect’s prior insurance coverage and liability limits.  When this information isn’t pulled up, […]

Homeowners’ Deductibles and Avoiding Small Claims

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard homeowners say, “I’ve been paying my insurance for 10 years and haven’t filed a single claim!”  Well that’s a good thing!  Not filing a claim is probably the best thing you can possibly do to control the premium you pay every year. Even after filing […]